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Car Repair

Prevent unwanted car breakdowns with the full auto repair services at Hampden Tires & Auto Repair in Baltimore, Maryland. We also offer new and used tires at our shop.

Repair Services

• Auto Maintenance 
• Engine Repairs
• Rim Repairs
• Timing Belt Replacements
• Towing Services 
• Transmission Replacements

Car Part Repairs:

• Air Conditioner Repairs 
• Alternators 
• Axles 
• Brakes and Rotors
• Drive Shafts 
• Fuel Pumps 
• Mufflers
• Power Steering Pumps
• Rack and Pinion
• Radiators 
• Shocks
• Starters
• Steering Repairs
• Struts
• Transmissions
• Tune-Ups
• Water Pumps
• And More

Automotive Service Excellence® (ASE) Certified Technicians

Who We Are

Hampden Tires & Auto Repair is a trusted auto repair shop based in Baltimore, Maryland. Count on us for timely repair, parts replacement, and preventative maintenance services for your car. With our more than 30 years of experience, we take pride in providing an efficient and low-cost approach to keep your vehicles in good running condition. We also sell new and used tires in our shop. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment, and for pricing details about our repair work.

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Turn to us for value-added and cost-effective vehicle repairs. Check out our customers’testimonials to learn why they rely on us for their car repair needs.

Contact our trustworthy auto repair shop in Baltimore, Maryland, to schedule an appointment for our car repair services today.