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Extend the life of your vehicle with car repair services from Hampden Auto Repair & Tire Services in Baltimore, Maryland. Our mechanics expertly diagnose potential issues which might keep your vehicle from performing optimally. It is our goal to always provide expedient and friendly auto repair services to make certain your vehicle is roadworthy. We also provide Maryland state inspection, Uber inpsections, Lyft inspections.

We service a wide range of domestic and foreign vehicles, including:

• Ford
• Chevrolet
• Subaru
• Dodge
• Chrysler
• Hyundai
• Mazda
• Toyota
• Jeep
• Nissan
• Honda
• Volvo
• Mercedes
• Acura

Full-Service Auto Repairs

Our repair services include changing the oil and oil filter and topping off all fluids, and engine tune-ups that involve checking sensors, coils, and drive belts and changing fuel and air filters. You'll enjoy a more comfortable ride after we check your suspension, including rack and pinion, tie rods, control arms, shocks, and struts. We also inspect and repair radiators, alternators, batteries, timing belts, water pumps, transmissions, and everything to do with your air conditioning and heating system. We also do scheduled maintenance recommended by the factory.

Car Repair